Just like the title says, there is a new documentary or news special to air on 17 March, 2017 about the murders, this according to People Magazine. This special will cover the status of the killers as of today. The show will feature interviews with a lot of the original players including members of The Beach Boys and of course, Debra Tate. I’m not sure who else they’re going to talk to since most of the principles are dead unless they interviewed say Vincent Bugliosi before he died last June. I’m also not sure what they can glean from Debra Tate since she always seems to embellish her role and part in everything. The show will also include never before seen interviews with Manson and the other killers. Here’s hoping it’s good. I’m so tired of seeing the regurgitation of the case with no real new insight. I’ve set up the press section of the site to include the original September 2014 cover article on Sharon. Included will be the scans from the magazine, plus a link to where you can read the article in its entirety without having to shuffle between the pages in the gallery. Just click on the in the link below.


March 07, 2017
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2 Comments to "New Documentary On Sharon & The Murders To Air on ABC March 17, 2017"
  1. Kenneth E. Nation says:

    Looks like the kind of press Manson loves. What more can there be to learn? The remaining killers will never say what truly went down. But at least this could possibly educate the younger generations so to keep these monsters from getting parole.

    • tate-polanski online says:


      Thank you for leaving a comment. First one from a visitor!

      I agree. It’s sick to think that they will once again get the publicity they don’t deserve. And I agree none of them will actually tell what they know. The only good thing to come out of this is that 1) the victims will once again be named and remembered, and 2) the killers will be revealed to a new generation who hopefully will feel as disgusted with them as those of us who have followed this case from the beginning. Or 1976 as far as I’m concerned.

      Thank you again for stopping by and please, feel free to comment any time.


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