So one more has come out of the woodwork with that shill of an ambulance chaser Gloria Allred. As if her destruction of Bill Cosby wasn’t enough, she has to double dip back into Roman’s case. She failed miserably with trotting out Charlotte Lewis, now there’s another liar to say Roman supposedly “assaulted” her. The woman’s name is “RobinM”. So this “Robin” claims she didn’t come forward when the charges were filed against him for the Samantha Geimer incident because of fears that her father might “do something that might cause him to go to prison for the rest of his life.” Well she’s had plenty of time to come out of the woodwork to make her allegations considering how infamous this case is. But she chose to remain in the shadows. Just like many of the Cosby Accusers, she supposedly kept silent because she was “afraid”. Well being afraid isn’t enough. Just like Roman’s attorney Harland Braun, “If you have a position, you come to court and you file it,” he said. “Why have a news conference? … The only purpose is to generate publicity and maybe try to influence a judge.” And I feel this has been orchestrated in order to blur the judgement of the presiding judge over the 1977 case who could possibly end it once and for all. The proximity of these allegations is too coincidental for me.

It is well known that after Sharon’s death and the capture of her killers Roman left California and the United States for Europe. The only times he was back in the United States was in 1973 when he directed his masterpiece CHINATOWN and in 1977 when the events in the Geimer case happened. This woman conveniently picks not the 1977 time frame, but 1973 when he was directing CHINATOWN. Who was this woman? Where did she come from? Where was she in conjunction with Roman’s directing the film? All of these questions she refused to give. That’s not good enough. She needs to be compelled to give more detailed information if she thinks those of us who know of Roman’s case and his character want us to believe her. This is not bullying her, this is requiring her to give her evidence. Notice that due to the events surrounding Lewis’ allegations Allred has chosen to remain silent on that evidence. Then of course there was the nature of Lewis’ statement being disproven by her own words from an interview she gave in 1989, six years after the “traumatic” events of her “ruination” occurred? There is a wonderful article by Robert Harris, author of the book The Ghost Writer in which Harris completely deconstructs Lewis’ tale. You can read it here: A Media Lynch Mob is Bent on Destroying Roman Polanski — by Robert Harris   . This attempt is no different in my eyes. And to anyone who believes the lies fostered by Allred and her floozies, shame on you.

August 18, 2017
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