08 August, 2017
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It’s hard to believe it’s been 48 years since the murders of Sharon, Jay, Voytek, Abigail, Steve, Rosemary and Leno. I’m not sure it gets easier with this for those of us who do choose to remember those two tragic nights so long ago now. Though we have to. We have to keep making sure none of their destroyers ever see light of day outside of their prison walls until they too are dead. Sometimes it’s easier to forget, to want to make it like this never happened but too many were affected in the aftermath. Way too many on the roll call of the dead that was set off on those two hot August nights in 1969. Too many lives that were forever changed by the actions of these monsters who do not deserve the press they are receiving, though news of their deaths will be very much appreciated.

Sharon Marie Tate-Polanski :: January 24, 1943 – August 9, 1969

Jay {Thomas John Kummer) Sebring :: October 10, 1933 – August 9, 1969

‎Wojciech “Voytek” Frykowski :: December 22, 1936 – August 9, 1969

Abigail Anne Folger :: August 11, 1943 – August 9, 1969

Steven Earl Parent :: February 12, 1951 – August 9, 1969

Rosemary Struthers LaBianca :: December 15, 1930 – August 10, 1969

Leno A. LaBianca :: August 6, 1925 – August 10, 1969

 20 March, 2017
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I have Sharon’s work from VALLEY OF THE DOLLS finally up in the gallery. Included is the soundtrack from the film, stills, production photos and publicity photos.

 13 March, 2017
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I wanted to give the heads up that I’m currently working on the Press Section. I’ve added many scanned articles to the gallery and am transcribing as I go. I really won’t be making a post everytime I add something since it’ll be too laborious to have to do so. Please feel free to check the gallery section for the scans and to keep an eye on the press section for the articles being added. So far there’s almost fifty pages to it.

 07 March, 2017
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Just like the title says, there is a new documentary or news special to air on 17 March, 2017 about the murders, this according to People Magazine. This special will cover the status of the killers as of today. The show will feature interviews with a lot of the original players including members of The Beach Boys and of course, Debra Tate. I’m not sure who else they’re going to talk to since most of the principles are dead unless they interviewed say Vincent Bugliosi before he died last June. I’m also not sure what they can glean from Debra Tate since she always seems to embellish her role and part in everything. The show will also include never before seen interviews with Manson and the other killers. Here’s hoping it’s good. I’m so tired of seeing the regurgitation of the case with no real new insight. I’ve set up the press section of the site to include the original September 2014 cover article on Sharon. Included will be the scans from the magazine, plus a link to where you can read the article in its entirety without having to shuffle between the pages in the gallery. Just click on the in the link below.


 07 March, 2017
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I know there hasn’t been any new updates in a while, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been busy with another site where information has needed to be updated almost on a daily basis plus I’m setting up a press section over on that site like the one I have here. I’m hoping on the weekend to get to adding more content here. This site is going to be a huge one and I’m reopening the call for any contributors who would like to help out with biographies for the principles like Roman, Sharon, Emmanuelle, Morgane, Jay, Abigail, Voytek, Steven, Leno and Rosemary. So if anyone is interested, please submit your names to the notice in the sidebar. Thanks.

 25 February, 2017
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I found the segment of Too Young To Die online and thought I’d post it here for the weekend. The show talked about Sharon’s life with such friends as Gene Gutowski who was a part of the inner circle of Sharon and Roman’s friends. I have to say that I love Gene. Of all their friends Gene has been the most loving when talking about Sharon and Roman’s love and life. The only two downsides of this documentary is Elke Sommer, Sharon’s THE WRECKING CREW co-star and Sharon’s sister, Debra. Elke Sommer’s husband for those who either don’t know, was Joe Hyams. In his autobiography Roman talks of how utterly disappointed he was with Hyams who was a columnist and biographer who wrote a series of disparaging articles on Sharon, Jay, Voytek and Abigail after the murders using such titles as “Why Sharon Tate Had To Die” then chronicled a series of lies that went so far as to blame the victims for their deaths. Roman was not too happy with him, needless to say. I’m not sure why the film company of FilmRise asked her for commentary since she clearly wasn’t a friend of Sharon’s, only a co-star. The next is of course Debra Tate who again likes to lie as to how she met Roman. She claims here that she was the “first” to meet him, however, in the book Restless Souls: The Sharon Tate Family’s Account of Stardom, the Manson Murders, and a Crusade for Justice written by Alisa Statman and Brie Ford (Patti’s daughter), it says that Paul Tate was the first to meet Roman, and didn’t think much of him. If anyone has the correct information, all I have is the epub version of the book and can’t find the relevant passage, please feel free to post a comment with the correction, or if I find it all edit with the relevant section. But Debra once again spins a tale that I don’t know if it’s part wish fulfillment, or a flimsy memory. Who can tell with her anymore.

 14 February, 2017
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A bunch of photos of Sharon and Roman from 1968. Hard to believe that Sharon had less than two years to live. These photos are all dated pretty much the same way as unfortunately, I don’t have actual dates other than when they were archived by the source. Included is a set of Roman and Sharon on a staircase either in their Mews House in London, or at a club and are pictured with Sharon’s former fiance Jay Sebring. Jay would loose his life along with Sharon on 09 August 1969. All in all Roman and Sharon look the epitome of the 60s couple, and Sharon never looked lovelier.

 14 February, 2017
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These images are from 1967 where Sharon visited Roman on the set of ROSEMARY’S BABY in New York. She and Roman can be seen walking the streets of the city.

 14 February, 2017
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This photo is from 1964 and shows Sharon Tate with her former fiance Philippe Forquet.

 10 February, 2017
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We finally have a layout I’m happy with. I think it looks amazing. I’m also in the process of trying to figure out how to arrange the gallery, and getting some articles up in the press section. I am thinking that I’m going to post as I build, sort of as I add things to the gallery it’ll be documented here. That way I can actually build the site’s content as well. I’ve also decided to put out feelers to anyone who would like to contribute to the site in terms of creating biographies for each of the principles, I’d love to have your input. I also want biographies for those who were killed alongside Sharon on that night in August 1969. So for anyone wishing to do that, check out the sidebar under the Projects section. Please submit your work there by clicking on the photo. I’m also in the process of getting the legal section up that will include things on the murders as well as Roman’s 1977 case that will contain the truth of what happened, not the over-glorified soundbite lies the media have furnished. So that’s it for right now. Please keep an eye on this space for further updates.