25 February, 2017
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I found the segment of Too Young To Die online and thought I’d post it here for the weekend. The show talked about Sharon’s life with such friends as Gene Gutowski who was a part of the inner circle of Sharon and Roman’s friends. I have to say that I love Gene. Of all their friends Gene has been the most loving when talking about Sharon and Roman’s love and life. The only two downsides of this documentary is Elke Sommer, Sharon’s THE WRECKING CREW co-star and Sharon’s sister, Debra. Elke Sommer’s husband for those who either don’t know, was Joe Hyams. In his autobiography Roman talks of how utterly disappointed he was with Hyams who was a columnist and biographer who wrote a series of disparaging articles on Sharon, Jay, Voytek and Abigail after the murders using such titles as “Why Sharon Tate Had To Die” then chronicled a series of lies that went so far as to blame the victims for their deaths. Roman was not too happy with him, needless to say. I’m not sure why the film company of FilmRise asked her for commentary since she clearly wasn’t a friend of Sharon’s, only a co-star. The next is of course Debra Tate who again likes to lie as to how she met Roman. She claims here that she was the “first” to meet him, however, in the book Restless Souls: The Sharon Tate Family’s Account of Stardom, the Manson Murders, and a Crusade for Justice written by Alisa Statman and Brie Ford (Patti’s daughter), it says that Paul Tate was the first to meet Roman, and didn’t think much of him. If anyone has the correct information, all I have is the epub version of the book and can’t find the relevant passage, please feel free to post a comment with the correction, or if I find it all edit with the relevant section. But Debra once again spins a tale that I don’t know if it’s part wish fulfillment, or a flimsy memory. Who can tell with her anymore.

 20 February, 2017
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This is an amazing discussion about Roman’s masterpiece ROSEMARY’S BABY. Featured are interviews with Robert Evans, Mia Farrow (Rosemary Woodhouse) and the master himself. Enjoy.

 16 February, 2017
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Looks like there might be some movement in Roman’s 1977 case. It looks like it might have something to do with the sealed transcript given by then District Attorney Roger Gunson from back in December 2009 while Roman was under house arrest in Gstaad, Switzerland. This testimony directly impacted both the Polish and Swiss decisions in not to extradite Roman to the United States based on the 1977 bench warrant currently still active. This new action is coming almost 40 years to the date of the event that caused Roman to flee injustice.

Roman Polanski Gets New Court Date That May See Him Return To U.S.

EXCLUSIVE: Almost 40 years after he fled the U.S. to escape a long jail stretch for having sex with a 13-year-old girl, Roman Polanski may be one step closer to coming back to Los Angeles to face justice on his own terms. It’s a Hail Mary step that the Oscar-winning director, now 83, only intends to take if certain old testimony becomes public and he is assured he won’t end up behind bars again, Deadline has learned.

“Once we unseal the secret transcript and the Court agrees to follow the Polish decision, Roman will return to be sentenced to probation and end the issue of an outstanding arrest warrant,” Polanski attorney Harland Braun told Deadline today, regarding how this could all play out if an upcoming hearing in front of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon goes their way.

After a receiving a letter from Braun last week seeking to potentially reset the case’s parameters, Gordon has set a hearing for February 24 to address a request to unseal 2010 testimony by former prosecutor Roger Gunson. That testimony is said to detail a judicial promise from the late 1970s that would have seen the controversial The Pianist director spend 90 days in a psychiatric evaluation.

It was the apparent breaking of that promise by now-deceased Judge Laurence Rittenband that caused Polanski to flee American justice in 1978, and he has fought several extradition attempts ever since. Most recently that included a December 2016 decision by Poland’s Supreme Court to uphold a previous ruling by a lower court in the country of Polanski’s birth that rejected a 2015 extradition request by the U.S.

Polanski holds dual citizenship in Poland and France, where he currently lives. The latter nation prohibits extradition of its citizens, while Polish law does not.

Tellingly, Braun now also wants unsealed the transcript of a conversation he had Gordon and L.A. County Deputy D.A. Michele Hanisee on November 23, 2016 “concerning possible litigation in the …case” before the Polish high court ruling was made.

“The sworn testimony of Mr. Gunson taken together with the Polish decisions raise the question of whether the principle of comity should command or persuade the Court to follow the findings of the Polish court,” Braun wrote in his February 6 letter to Gordon that kicked off the latest chapter in the Polanski saga. The letter also pulls the current L.A. County D.A.’s office in the matter, inferring that Jackie Lacey’s team confirmed the 90-day deal from 1977. “The principle of comity may also be strengthened by the participation of our DA in the Polish litigation,” Braun adds. “Our DA specifically answered factual, procedural, and sentencing questions propounded by Judge Mazur in Krakow.”

Lacey’s office did not respond to Deadline’s request for comment on Hanisee’s participation in that 2016 meeting, or the D.A.’s take on the Polanski matter.

Polanski’s current lawyer has not been so reticent.

“I believe there is no current excuse or justification for keeping DDA Roger Gunson’s sworn testimony under seal,” the Braun & Braun LLP lawyer says in his letter. “Therefore, on behalf of Roman Polanski, I request that it be unsealed and that I be allowed to make a copy to assist me in the preparation of possible motions.”

Convicted on five charges stemming from having sex with 13-year-old Samantha Gailey on March 10, 1977, Polanski made a deal that saw him plead guilty to having unlawful sex intercourse with a minor. The Chinatown director initially spent 42 days in the California Institute For Men and was released, with the deal to include time served and probation.

All that changed when, after feeling Rittenband had thrown the plea deal in the trash and intended to see him in jail for up to 50 years, Polanski made tracks just before sentencing in 1978. For several years now, Polanski’s victim has said she believes that the director’s exile has been punishment enough; she and Polanski came to a financial settlement of around $500,000 in the mid-1990s.

Besides the Polish matter of 2015 and 2016, the last decade also saw a prolonged and botched case to get Polanski to face American justice in 2009 and 2010, back when Steve Cooley was still L.A. County D.A. In 2014, Alan Dershowitz unsuccessfully attempted to have the Polanski case dropped for the director.

Now, with a new lawyer in Polanski’s corner, it could start up all over again.


 15 February, 2017
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I’ve don’t some things with the gallery for now. It’s back up and ready to view.

 15 February, 2017
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Well ya had to go and make me do it. It’s obvious some people can’t read. I’ve had to take the gallery offline because one person has violated the terms of using the gallery. I explicitly stated that if you were going to view the gallery and remove photos, a simple credit back to the site would be a nice gesture to show that you appreciate the work I’ve put into the site. However, someone has gone and posted photos elsewhere without crediting back to the site. The gallery will remain offline until I can install what I need to protect the work I’ve done. I’m sorry to have to do this but like I said in the “fine print” section riiiiiight up at the top before you can begin browsing….. I stated that while the photos, clippings, magazine articles, screencaps and such are not mine, it has taken a hell of a lot of time and money to collect what I do have. Like I said it’s been since 1976 when I first read Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry’s book Helter Skelter. It was at that point that I began the journey that has let to this site. Since 1976! I’m only asking for some courtesy in terms of one simple thing like “Photos from”. That’s it, that’s all. This site is not like a social media page where you can just post willy nilly. This site has been at least two years in the design, but forty-one years to the fruition of a dream. So like I said, the gallery is offline for now. I was going to say that I was sorry to have to do this, but I’m not. Really. I was explicit in what I said in the Welcome part of the gallery. Someone has obviously not read it.

A Word About The Gallery

Welcome to the gallery of TATE-POLANSKI.COM a longtime dream of mine to bring together a collection of images, magazine scans, clippings, screencaptures, and other things I’ve collected ever since 1976 on Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski. Included here is a labour of love, time and money I’ve spent bringing this archive together. An archive on the lives and careers of Sharon and Roman, and by extension Roman’s present wife Emmanuelle Seigner, and their children actress Morgane Polanski, and where possible Elvis Polanski, their son. My intent is to make this a clearing house of sorts of Sharon and Roman’s careers, including the murders of Sharon, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Voytek Frykowski, Steven Parent, Leno LaBianca, and Rosemary LaBianca. I am also including here Roman’s 1977 case and the various documents to do with both cases to be linked to the pages within the site. So here is the fine print: While I do understand there are some who would like to use the photos for fanart, please understand you are not allowed to take things from this gallery and repost elsewhere and call it your own. I have provided a convenient copy and paste BB code for most message boards under the photo/article and such. Please use that to repost and then credit back to this site using the url or It’s only fair. A lot of the materials included here are not available anywhere else and I’d like to keep this site exclusive for this content. If you do have anything like an article, some clippings, images, fanart, et al that you would like to contribute, please use the form on the DONATE or you can send it directly to me via Email. Thank you for visiting and for understanding that while the photos, articles, clippings and such are not mine, it has taken some time, decades in fact to collect everything here. That is including the fact that I have also created a custom layout for the site. All I ask is for a bit of courtosey in terms of credit. I do have a way to recognize where these materials came from. Please do not hotlink. For an explanation of what that means, check out the FAQ section. Please do not force me to have to take drastic steps to limit your enjoyment of this site by either taking the gallery offline and forcing a registration to view, or to impliment an anti-theft device that will guarantee you won’t be able to do so. TATE-POLANSKI.COM is a website dedicated to the works of French/Polish film director Roman Polanski, the late American actress Sharon Tate, and the French actress Emmanuelle Seigner. I am in no way affiliated with them, their management, nor their families. All content, except otherwise noted, is copyrighted to their original owners and no infringement is intended and no rights implied. Content contained within are subject to FAIR USE, and used here either in whole or in part as a commentary on the work and careers of Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate and Emmanuelle Seigner. How to use the gallery: Click on the thumbnail to go to the intermediate size. To get full size, click on the intermediate size and a new window will open up with the full sized image.

 14 February, 2017
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A bunch of photos of Sharon and Roman from 1968. Hard to believe that Sharon had less than two years to live. These photos are all dated pretty much the same way as unfortunately, I don’t have actual dates other than when they were archived by the source. Included is a set of Roman and Sharon on a staircase either in their Mews House in London, or at a club and are pictured with Sharon’s former fiance Jay Sebring. Jay would loose his life along with Sharon on 09 August 1969. All in all Roman and Sharon look the epitome of the 60s couple, and Sharon never looked lovelier.

 14 February, 2017
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These images are from 1967 where Sharon visited Roman on the set of ROSEMARY’S BABY in New York. She and Roman can be seen walking the streets of the city.

 14 February, 2017
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This photo is from 1964 and shows Sharon Tate with her former fiance Philippe Forquet.

 14 February, 2017
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The first official upload is from 1959, a photo essay with a then twenty-six year old Roman Polanski with his first wife Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass. Here Roman and Barbara do some post-Christmas shopping in Paris. The assignment was for Paris-Match and featured Barbara, not Roman. Roman and Barbara were married for three years before divorcing in 1962.


 10 February, 2017
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We finally have a layout I’m happy with. I think it looks amazing. I’m also in the process of trying to figure out how to arrange the gallery, and getting some articles up in the press section. I am thinking that I’m going to post as I build, sort of as I add things to the gallery it’ll be documented here. That way I can actually build the site’s content as well. I’ve also decided to put out feelers to anyone who would like to contribute to the site in terms of creating biographies for each of the principles, I’d love to have your input. I also want biographies for those who were killed alongside Sharon on that night in August 1969. So for anyone wishing to do that, check out the sidebar under the Projects section. Please submit your work there by clicking on the photo. I’m also in the process of getting the legal section up that will include things on the murders as well as Roman’s 1977 case that will contain the truth of what happened, not the over-glorified soundbite lies the media have furnished. So that’s it for right now. Please keep an eye on this space for further updates.